In Cahoots with Lane

by Krystal Hollon


The inspiration behind the Cahoots bootie was derived from a dream state set in the midst of a desolate Pueblo city. Delicate steps are taken, slowly one after the other in alleyways bordered with white stucco walls that support tall, stacked homes with traditional flat roofs, interconnected like hastily positioned bricks.

Large terra cotta pots line the entryways to each residence and the eye stops to fixate on the dust that quietly falls and lands gracefully on the earth so as to remind us of a fruitful yesteryear. This majestic journey takes several moments of slow breaths to fully absorb this vintage, white-washed wonderland of which one thing is certain. This historic town has secrets.


Reminiscent of the handcrafted structures in this dream land, our artisan team meticulously constructs the details of this style by forming interlaced panels of high quality leather framed with pinking and brogue trims. Ankle cut-outs skim the sides of the foot in just the right areas and centrally features a western buckle fashioned in ‘Old Pawn’ styled, stamped-silver details.

This gorgeous specimen of a boot is then summoned to life with our unique finishing techniques. Just as the terra cotta pots are cast into a fire to immortalize their form, the Cahoots are carefully subjected to heat to bring about the leather’s natural color and properties. This process truly is a work of art brought about to bring the magic to your doorstep, complete with a turquoise sole.


From the innovative foot cushion to the calculated design lines, the unparalleled fit of this boot ensures that wherever the journey leads, it will be enjoyable. Welcome to Lane’s New West. 



Your Lane Family

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