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    Step Up to Versatile Boots

    by Whitney Benton

    Whitney Benton for Lane Boots_Western Couture

    Let’s be honest, we all love a good pair of shoes.  We all look for something that’s comfortable, casual, fashionable and practical, but what if you found one pair of shoes that possessed all of these traits?!  That’s right, you heard me—a single pair of dream shoes that could keep you scootin’ and movin’ all day long and keep you looking good while you’re doing it!

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    Junk Gypsy by Lane Boots

    Well, ladies, the answer to your boot prayers is here and it’s here to stay:  The Hard to Handle, over the knee boots from Junk Gypsy by Lane is just what you and I have been looking for!  Bone in color and featuring inlaid metallic embellished cacti cutouts, these boots are western as they come but with a modern twist.  With a feminine cut and over the knee style, these boots pair perfectly with your favorite pair of denim or even some faux leather leggings, offering the perfect rendition of a modern-day cowgirl!


    Women's Boots Designed For Comfort

    Upon first glance, I knew I wanted to add this beloved style of boots to my collection, but what I didn’t expect was the versatility that came with them!  The neutral color base allows for endless pairings and the cut allows for ideal styling despite any season you’re in!  As with all of Lane’s footwear, comfort was also in mind when designing this boot and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find just how easy these are to wear all day long. 


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    Boots For The Summer

    Regardless of your summer plans, any Lane boot will carry you through, here are some of my favorite ways to style this versatile pair of boots.



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    Photography by Danja Barbar Photography