The Influence of a Great Pair of Boots

by Shaley Ham of West Desperado


Change your Shoes Change your Look

Have you ever had one specific item influence your entire outfit? Maybe a statement piece that you've been saving up to buy, or some heirloom jewelry that holds a ton of meaning to it? Or maybe it's the color or texture in an item you've had in your closet forever that suddenly sparked a fresh outfit idea!
Well for me, shoes & boots always seem to always get my styling gears grinding! I will see a pair of shoes appear in my Instagram feed as I am carelessly scrolling, and they can literally make me stop dead in my tracks as I think to myself, "These would go with EVERYTHING!" Suddenly all the boring clothes in my closet become shiny & new again all thanks to these incredibly designed pieces of footwear.

Seasons Dictate my Wardrobe

If you're anything like me, the changing seasons dictate my wardrobe from how I style my hair, all the way down to what I put on my feet. I have a whole summer schedule full of local rodeos and outdoor music festivals lined up, so comfort and style are my top two priorities, especially when it comes to my shoe selection. Warm weather also adds a factor of not wanting to be too confined in a bulky boot. Lucky for me, shooties & cut-out booties are a hot commodity this year & you can bet your bottom dollar I am jumping on that bandwagon!

Kick 'Em up is perfect for Summer Festivities

The Lane Kick Em Up shooties is definitely first in line for this summer's festivities! They pair perfectly with flowy summer dresses or with your favorite pair of cutoff denim shorts to beat the summer heat. While they also come in black, I opted for the Sand color to keep it neutral and maximize on my styling opportunities. Rodeo dust and music venue's gravel lots have no chance of messing with your pedicured toes in these babies! Don't believe me? Try them out for yourself!

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