Lucky Skulls Black Performance Socks Women's Mid-Calf Socks  Western Fashion by Lane
Lucky Skulls Black Performance Socks Women's Mid-Calf Socks  Western Fashion by Lane
Lucky Skulls Black Performance Socks Women's Mid-Calf Socks  Western Fashion by Lane


Lucky Skulls Black Performance Socks

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Lane Boots fit true to size. We recommend that you purchase the size found most in your closet. Boots should fit snug to your foot. They should be neither too tight, nor too loose. Lane Boots are handcrafted with the finest leather, inside and out, and will mold to your foot. They do not take long to break in. The break-in period will vary depending on the type and thickness of the leather.

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Lane Boots are bench-made and hand-lasted. We use an exclusive "last" (the foot model our boots are built around) to make sure they are comfortable, they fit great, and they look fabulous. We use an antibacterial, moisture-wicking, padded memory foam insole along with a flexible, leather covered insole and an impact absorbing heel cushion. The combination of these features contribute to the true-size fit and comfort of Lane Boots. We are confident you will want to wear them all day long.

Guide: How to check boot fitment at home

Want to know if your boots are too loose or too snug? Not sure exactly how the boots should feel on your feet? Do boots fit the same as a shoe? Learn how to try on your boots to test for perfect fitment in our Boot Try-On Guide
How to test fit of boots

Find the perfect pair of boots for your foot shape and size

  • The in-step of a boot is a key fit area. The in-step area should fit snug, not too loose, and not too tight on the foot.
  • It is normal for your foot to slip a little in the heel area when trying on a new boot. If the heel of your boot is too tight, the instep may also be too tight. A tight heel could indicate that the boot is too short. When the foot is positioned too close to the toe of the boot, the toes can be constrained in the boot.
  • The ball area of your foot should be positioned evenly with the widest part of the boot for the best fit.
  • Lane Boots are offered in a variety of boot shapes, toe shapes and heel shapes. The wider the toe area is, the more relaxed the toes will be. The higher the heel of the boot, the tighter the instep may be.


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    Lucky Chuck Performance Socks are not your grandpa’s boot socks – they are combining fashion and function to be the best performance sock on the market! These Performance socks are made lightweight and breathable blend that uniquely features natural anti-microbial and odor-fighting properties of hemp. So, they are perfect for hot summer days or great in those winter months. 

    Designed by head cowgirl Lorinda Van Newkirk, it’s no surprise these riding essentials come pack with style and well-thought-out design. They are tall enough and stay up to protect your calves and never cut the circulation off. Lucky Chuck Performance Socks softens with every wash, but without wearing out ~ meaning even more chances to wear your lucky socks every day.

    Lucky Chuck Performance Socks FITS most all LUCKY Feet! (One size fits most feet)

    Made using:
    39% Organic Cotton
    25% Polyester
    16% Recycled Cotton
    13% Hemp Biofiber
    6% Rubber
    1% Spandex

    Hemp Biofiber ~Fibers from hemp crop scraps are blended with organic cotton, creating soft yet stronger yarn.

    Video of boots being made by hand in the Lane factory

    Meticulously handcrafted

    She's on-trend and heirloom quality.

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